Affordable On Site Computer
Consulting and Repair

What is Geekin Around?
Geekin Around is a computer consulting and repair business which services most of Appleton, WI and parts of Grand Chute.

What does it cost?
Short answer. Anywhere from $0-$200 per computer depending on how serious the situation is.  I'll take a quick look at the computer for free and minor repairs tend to be in the $50 range.  But since it doesn't cost you a dime to ask me questions over the phone, I would start there.  Call 1-800-827-4135 and leave a message.  I'll call you back within one business day to discuss your situation and figure out what the next steps are likely to be.

Where do I take my computer?
Nowhere.  I'll come to your home or business and take a look at your computer there.  If you live in Appleton, WI south of highway 41, it's pretty much guaranteed that you are in my service area.  But if in doubt, give me a call and find out.  There are circumstances where exceptions can be made and rules can be bent.

Am I under any obligation?
Absolutely not. Call me to ask questions, anytime, free of charge.  You don't owe me anything unless you decide to use my services.  And any fees will be discussed up front before the work begins.  There will be no surprises.  And while we're talking, ask about getting a free assessment.

When should I call Geekin Around?
If you haven't had a technician look at your computer in a year or more, it's time to call Geekin Around.  If you are thinking of making changes to your computer, that's another good time to call.  And most importantly, call me before making any kind of computer purchase.  The time, money, and misery that can be saved by a simple phone call is far greater than you might realize.